When will power comes to my understanding


Give me will power to punish my body, give me wisdom to respect my body.

Give me will power to stop making wishes, give me wisdom to learn the ways to reach you.

Give me will power to withstand from falling as prey to momentary pleasures, give me wisdom to understand how close I’m to reality.

Give me will power regularly intensify my sadhana, give me wisdom to understand that you are the reason behind all the reasons.

Give me will power to face the troubles, give me wisdom to learn the truth when you explain it for the first time.

Give me will power to resist myself from anxieties, give me the wisdom to see you in all the plays.


Using the time in time

If you have 2 seconds thank him

If you have 2 mins praise him

If you have 5mins remember what he has given

If you have 10mins tel your friend to stand with firm belief on him at tough times

If you have 30mins help the needy to bring smile on their face

If you have 1hr share food with the needy

If you have half day time, visit near by school/hospital/Temple and offer your service and share what you can

If you have day, understand what you are

Remember service to human is service to God. No religion is above humanity.

An amazed and amused dog

A pet dog is much loyal to his master. All he knows is just to love him. He is always amazed by his care n concern. Over the period of time it realized that it gets punished often and finally ran out of his master.

From the first day of its freedom it is amused by the wonders of the world. It often runs after what it wants. He set his own rules and decided to enjoy its life to the fullest. It barks at everyone and gets hold of every eatable and every toy. It doesn’t know how useful a thing is until it gets command on it. It just leaves everything behind if it doesn’t find it interesting.

People around are much tired of its over activities and even the dog got frustrated. Now it has no purpose of catching the things from the people’s hands but just does to prove its power once again to the people around.

Now it is much confused, it can’t experience happiness anymore.  It got mad and started to bite people whoever seems happy. Since nothing is interesting it want nothing to happen around it. Not even a fly moving its own wings, not even air to flow in any direction.

People started throwing stones on it and eventually it ensures enough punishment given to them. People reciprocated and teach the lessons in a way that it deserves. It became sick, aged and doesn’t love its own life.

It is the lucky day, its master is passing through the same street. He felt sorry and given proper medication and attention.   But the unfaithful dog couldn’t take enough breaths, felt guilty, wanna punish punish himself but much before that time has come, the dog left the world and owner became speechless.

Anantha! I’m amazed by your affection, amused by the worldly things, dont  leave my hand I don’t deserve freedom that spoils me. Punish me for my benefit and make my life in your hands.

The need to understand why

My age is running towards 10,000 days, I’m sure I had asked myself the question why 10,000 times at least. I care to ask why. I’m curious to ask why. I’m humorous to ask why! I understood the reason to ask why but I didn’t understand the purpose to ask why. I understood how to ask why but I didn’t knew on what to question myself on why. The more you ask on why, more successful person you become, the more you think on why, you would get more comfortable with yourself.

Why as in what, why as in where, why as in who, why as in why and why as in how. I carry why with me. I enjoy by asking why. I cultivate with why, I grow with why but I failed to understand why I get comfortable with primary answers, if I had been just been with why, I would have found myself. Why, by connecting the unrelated things gave me awards, but I failed to ask why I’m dependent on such. I’m convinced with reply on why but I should be more philosophical to ask why.

I put why on everything, I put why every time. I see the things through why, I look around to learn why and to ask why. I see no end to why as I grow with. I use why to solve the problem, I should have used it to cure my problem. I should have used it to develop the self than to design the perfumes.

Chasing the fate game!

Life is not just about what you make out of it, its also about experiencing the unexpected problems and pleasures. The creation is not ours, result always wont be ours! We got this super machine, its upto us to install the software and because your software is faulty you can’t judge the capacity of the hardware. We are limited by our thoughts and we limit the purpose of our life. You can command the universe and its existence but you need to realize more about the self to get such ability. We convince our wishes or we get convinced by our senses. We fail to control ourselves, we frame multiple excuses. We look deep into the problem and think less about its solution. You need to open our eyes to see the light. We are bigger than our problems.

Know the game rules before you start to play. Recognize your goal post to win the game. Truths can be experienced when you are alone and when you are silent. Happiness is within and it can only be experienced when you stop searching for it. We put all our efforts to get the temporary results and by law the moment you stop working for it, all gets exhausted! Everything changes, we need to improve our understanding levels. Live the moment for satisfaction. Your own past is the best teacher, understand there is nothing in everything.

Processing the peace

We never experienced happiness as an outcome of peace! We just process the information and hardly we try to experience that happiness in the name of relaxation! We tend to tie our own happiness on someone; we invest our happiness in something and try to taste it. We are losing the authority on our own happiness! We convinced our self and concluded that the happiness is dependent on multiple things! Being mature may be this state of investing our happiness on all the things we come across. How blessed immature are, they experience same happiness with diamonds and sand equally! Our expectations are big and estimations are realistic and inappropriate! We trained ourselves to not to accept anything as it is! We tend to see beauty in altered & modified! We always wished to rank ourselves high on this fools’ scale!

We don’t thank our elders & god for everything we have but expect everyone to praise our royalty. We don’t thank our brain for its memory & decision making capacity in our day-to-day chores, but wanna assess it in 30min exam! We don’t count what we have but will see to accumulate the meaningless. Most of the worthy things are priceless, but we don’t accept unless it carries price tag!

Sharing is caring when you receive but will see the tax exemption policies to donate! Accepting the defeat brings the victory, changing the game rules changes you! We are more driven more by need & less by passion!  We know the theory of self respect but never bothered about self love! Happiness comes from the small things for which we are not accountable! You feel uneasy when you lose happiness because you are used to it, because you are the happiness, you don’t want to lose yourself for something! Happiness can be experienced within the self by practicing/spreading of peace & love to all, unconditionally!

Self Control & Realization

Imagine you don’t know how to drive a car! You got to drive it yourself to reach the destiny. Now you need to either follow its manual or get guidance  from an experienced. It’s wise to go with second option because practical knowledge is better than theoretical. In the first attempt you should restrain  yourself by not using all the controls. You teach yourself that car has to be in your control and you should not be in its control. Now the journey began.

You feel very happy, you feel proud. You take the challenge to overtake other vehicles and all of a sudden car stopped. You don’t know what to do. With no knowledge you tried to find out what went wrong and you failed. Helplessly you started looking at the other vehicles as they are moving which much ease. You started thinking that there is no reason to fear as you see vehicles moving all the time around you. No No No your belief started complaining that the drivers are driving vehicles to the destiny no one is static like us. You started blaming yourself for riding the car beyond its limitation and know you don’t know what to do.

An experienced rider offered help, repaired your car in three simple steps and with a smile he started moving on his vehicle. You understood his value and promised yourself  to obey his recommendations. You started your car, its running much smooth now but sadly fuel levels are low. Now you are riding car in fuel saving mode. determined you are. Thanks for the theoretical knowledge gained from manuals, you started using the reserve fuel with confidence. Here it is! you loaded full tank fuel with the money left and added efficient engine oil. It has literally powered you.

All the way is looking beauty but on moving close, you realized the green grass patches and the yellow flowers are the grown much on the diversion road. Anyway it won’t help you to reach your destiny. you want to leave a trail by choosing that path but you are not sure. It’s not time to take much risks on the unknown paths. Now you started searching for the beauty on either side of your road. Amusement filled with in the little creatures. Nature started responding to the sky’s call. pleasant smell from the earth, everybody has built their own shelters. No!  they are hiding themselves according to their physique. Water bubbles laid a carpet on an assignment. a random relevant thought said you are polluting the eco-system by the car. you changed the gear, you should reach the destiny in time. No experimenting by altering the control modes, not to ride it beyond your limit and not to drive beyond the car limits. In fact a big no to theoretical knowledge. You calculation said you can reach in time.

Like air blow into flute thoughts are moving rapidly in and like music coming out from each hole they are blown out, these are the good old sweet memories of you. thanks for the memories and to all who added them into your  life. Following the instructors guidance till now you are in the right path and now you are taking a rural elevated express highway. Driving on it? Changed the gear, but car is denying your orders yet to reach destiny soon, you need to push it hard. The last lap is even tough but if you give up, you will be taken back with 10 times speed you climbed up. You’ve no confidence in the car’s support yet you kept faith on the instructor’s words and followed them as the only choice  and your belief is the winner. With double the surprise thanking the experienced  teacher you are moving. After few miles it’s all the down way it would be thrilling to ride little fast in the down way but its danger. Having control on thoughts and actions you are moving and the destiny you are aiming is quite visible. Its welcoming, its waiting for you. you feel relaxed, you feel flying and in few minutes you reached your destiny.


memorize the journey by reframing

  •   car into your body which has limitations like Arishadvargas. To reach your journey you should not cross the limitations.
  •   fuel as the food to it and repair as the diseases.
  •   the experienced instructor is guru, the spiritual master
  •    the manual is the Vedic knowledge
  •   ups & downs are happiness & sorrow, success & defeat, good & bad
  •   distractions in the diversions are the misleading attractions of life
  •   driver is the heart & brain

Always keep faith in guru. HE knows what you want. HE knows what to do when & how. HE is always around you, teaching in different ways, different forms all the time.