this is the work done by me, am submitting this for your ideas to be included. 

What I believe in is every child is a born free thinker. But as he grows, his/her own creativity is less rated by the so called education system, so he will be forced to think in box.What I want to do is to make them realize their own potential. We should promote them to question the fundamentals.

I’ve done research/taken classes to all students ranging from 4th class to 10th class for 15days (90min to 120min a day) and I found that they have high volume of interest in learning things with an interactive approach. Though they lack strong foundation on basics, they used think best within their limits and started thinking out of box. They started relating the unrelated things to understand the laws of nature. 

I want to dig deeper and come up with practical and acceptable solution to today’s education system, which will create a balance (win-win) in learning and bagging ranks.

So, I request you to revert with some ideas/feedback/suggestions.Pls share your personal experiences.

.  .  .  Having  done some literary work;  promoting students to have tons of ideas rather having tons of information, helping them to find indomitable spirit in them. Am submitting the same for your comments and ideas to be included

They can comment on this work:

Ø  Who think education system is ruined

Ø  Who feel bad with spoon feeding

Ø  Who promote one to be with tons of ideas rather having tons of information

Ø  Who think education can/should change animals to men

Ø  Who can’t dream education changing men to animals

Ø  Who feel end of education is wisdom but not marks

Ø  Who can differentiate men and machines

Ø  Who feel  bad as destruction is finding place back to prosperity

Ø  Who think education should teach how to live rather teaching(paving path) how to suicide

Ø  Who feel education should promote to fly with colours rather building prison  between words, binding to single talent

Ø  Who can’t ignite budding blossoms (designing their fate before they can see the world with their eyes)

Ø  Those who are free thinkers

Ø  Who wish their children, their society, their country, humanity to lead a prosperous life

Lets create a healthy environment to nourish, incubate their ideas. Let them to discover their own world. Let them to be architects of their own colourful world. Just as each seed contains the future tree, each child is born with infinite potential.

Join this moment generously, promote freeware revolution

Reach me at pbvamsi@gmail.com

Teachers do fail. Learners never fail.



I wondered hearing that …a pregnant, not even being able to bare pains any more began driving car to travel some 50miles from her farmland. The love after her offspring made her to drive all the way, in the mean while when her tire punctured, she bared the pain to change its tyre and lead herself to hospital… I got struck for a week hearing this news… till now I can’t understand how our ancestors managed to build such a huge temples on single rock, how they managed to move those rocks, never even dared to dream on their work that how they had calculated the distance between the stars.

Everything happens only after humans’ nature to explore the unknown.

Human evolution, the quest to explore, the zeal to know whats happening around him. As saying goes “necessity is the mother of invention”, it might be for his own comfort living or for the quest to find out. I consider invention of the wheel as the landmark where from the human thoughts got accelerated. Thought himself all from the nature, Learnt the art of cultivation. The sophistication started. His growth is his own reference. Its the process of answering the unanswered questions.

Thinking is the inhale and exhale of brain. One can’t stop thinking for a while, its in fact the heartbeat of brain. One will be busy all the time with conscious and unconscious thoughts from the brain. It has got excellent calibration to make many decisions without our knowledge. It learns all the time. It records each observation, based on its priority the time span for its remembrance varies, whenever needed it simply reloads, brings everything in front to our face. We can’t simply calculate its excellence. Its far more than what we feel of our self. Some calculate its highness in terms of kilobytes, some compare with number of super computers.

Learning step by step though one’s own faults, rectifying, experimenting again, rectifying till it gets perfection. The perfection differed with the time, to answer his current needs he did more industry. The more he found, the more enthusiastic he became, in fact more realistic. Science is nothing but set of observations. As the perception differed, different ideologies came into existence, the more it came, deeper it questioned in many angles. The more it exclaimed, more the theories came with wider acceptance with even more controversies. All this is the way of what we can call is “the way to prosperity”. The word prosperity can be named after their work in inventing vaccines or inventing electricity or invention of better transport systems.

One remains as a scientist so long he questions the world, the nature like a child who is very interested to question about everything, everything.

I would like to quote Kalamji’s word “dare to dream, care to achieve”. All they mean is to be independent in thoughts, respecting one’s view on other hand. What it might have happened if no one came to argue that earth is round or sun is the centre of universe! They have such a courage or boldness to question each person that they are correct. What it might have happened if Edison thought he was failed and no one can make a lamp, at the end of his 299th attempt? The progress or prosperity happens only in this way. There are the days when there is no proper transport facility to travel thousand kilometres but people have calculated the distance between planets which is of thousands of light year kilometres.

On other hand Vivekananda said, “if not YOU no other in this world can do it”. He called men to be with steel nerves and with iron muscles. Our culture teaches us not to leave our own beliefs even at rock melting temperatures. It might be silly to question ourselves, if Indians thought that they can’t have freedom after having fought for centuries, getting rid from the empire where sun never sets, no Gandhi would have born (from 1608-1947, 339yrs they ruled India). He got guts to pave path to achieve independence through non-violence. He can explain how one can earn independence through non-violence, where violence can’t answer from centuries. Can YOU be able to stand before the crores of Indian angry people who are under slavery for centuries and say that non-violence can only answer where violence can’t work! Can YOU even dare to stand before crores to differ with a thought, to explain how YOU can be correct!  If this is not happened, there may not be independence till now!!

So think on your own, “YOU” can do miracles. One has to be daring enough to think on his own. The daringness to think new, to think big. Never under estimate yourself. Don’t exclaim anywhere; YOU have right to question, right to think with your eyes, with your own heart. YOU should be daring enough to think broad, to invent YOUR bulb when the world is waiting for sunrise to carry with their routine works. YOU should be daring enough to think and invest time to make wireless communication when the men are guided with their own thinking limitations. Its the only YOU who have to listen YOUR inner conscience when it is questioning, “why not this way?!?” In other words YOU can be right, YOUR thought may be provoking thousands of minds, be bold stand up and question. YOU may be bringing revolution in the way the people do. So never under estimate YOURSELF. As the old saying goes, “one who questions will be fool for 5min while the one who don’t question will be fool for a life time.”

There are thousands of billionaires who started their business without even having single penny, with only belief in them. They have built empires, now everyone is dreaming to work under them. The only invest of them is self dreaming capability. They have shown they are correct, visionary. So experiment, learn from the mistakes, rectify and redo experiments. Don’t YOU believe in Charles Darwin words that the only being who changed their living styles as per changes in the environment survived and the one who can’t cope up has failed to survive? Be prepared, accept the change. Be dynamic. Be prepared. Today won’t be like yesterday, neither tomorrow will be like today.

Each company now is having its own Research & Development (R&D) wing. Its the base for their survival. Now its the time, each company is claiming each hour after its invention. I can even dare to quote Bill Gates, “when you have a question, ask last bench guys”, “the guys who stood first in my class are my workers today”. So prefer to have tons of ideas rather than having tons of information. Machines can also merely store and reproduce tons of information whenever required as anyone can do but its the only YOU who can relate the unrelated things. By so, YOU too can produce formulae like E=MC2 or making a tour to an unexplored world. Think on YOUR own. Science is merely nothing but collection of observations. As the perception differs, the definitions and formulae too differ.

Don’t fear after success or failure. Failure don’t describe about YOU. Like a child attempts to stand and walk while he crawls. Learn from the mistakes. The sprit should be in this way, when a reporter asked about his 299 failures when he finally invented electric bulb at his 300 attempt, he replied, he has invented 299 ways in which a bulb cannot be made to glow. As YOU explore the nature and its laws, they are very interesting. The way it promotes, the way it demotes everything is very beautiful.

So lets answer to the vivekananda’s call, “stand up, be bold and express the divinity within YOU.” What we do today will be history for tomorrow. There are hundreds of problems which are not answered till now.


Try this way > >  > If YOU have seen a bicycle think about maths in it, think about chemistry in it, think about physics involved in it, and think about  the social and economical benefits in it. Think why came a necessity to invent it, think what can be we doing if we have not invented till now. Think about the driving factors behind early man to invent the wheel, think about the process through which it underwent foe development. Compare this with all other modes of transportation… thinking flows on and on. The same way with any materialistic possession. Think the steps and strains involved in inventing a language, why came, how came… as quotation goes “it better to know some of questions than all of answers”.

May I please YOU, to take the pleasure of hurting….take the case YOU have indulged YOURSELF in watching T.V., the artists who are working  are gaining money, script writer, director, producer is gaining money. The men who pump signal to YOUR home is gaining money, the dish operator is gaining money. The T.V. manufacturer is gaining money, electricity generator is gaining money. The list can be extended who gains money, fame, experience but the only person, the only person who is losing everything in vain is none other than …. YOU know who it is. The one who can change according to their surroundings wins, learn the way the tree responds (behaves) according to environmental changes, how it suits itself to spring, summer and rainy seasons inspiring a lot in this regard. This is the survival secret behind trees for thousands of years. Many creatures that came with tree extinct but not tree, as it learnt from their surroundings.

Don’t be in a hurry to live the life, pause give a trail, think that who YOU are and what YOU are running after. To live a prosperous life some more efforts are required a bit than this.


Every child knows the potential of brain whether in terms of capacity or capability. But only some knows that there won’t be greatness in work, it can be only in the man who thinks of it and does, I mean there is no great work, the work which is done by great people(visionary) is generally considered(termed) as great work. In real sense I can say, there are no great people who think great, who think big, they are inspired and driven by great vision where vision comes from one’s own perception at particular work. Necessity is mother of invention. One who feels of necessity will to care and achieves what he dreamt. The later part of it is getting applause from public.

I heard many voices claiming that they knew all these dry stuff and they don’t have any goal. Don’t feel pity after them because they consider everything is running under control, going fine. They feel no urgency or any need to work after any. They are in fact childish. They say with eyes closed, “I haven’t seen any, nothing is going wrong, everything is sufficiently enough in this world” does it mean there is nothing left!!!

Do YOU think if Einstein is not born, YOU are sufficient enough to frame energy-mass relation or photo-electric effect! Don’t YOU feel if Newton is not born, YOU are clever enough to claim the laws he framed after YOU or do YOU want to claim after electricity or after wireless communication. I feel YOU are smart enough to live the life to the fullest. I agree YOU are in fact correct, but be cautious, don’t forget science is not framed by set of laws but with set of observations.

Ya what YOU are thinking is of course absolutely right, whatever YOU observe, YOU can show YOUR face to this world as a Scientist. As the saying goes.., “…if YOU think YOU are capable of, yes YOU are correct. If YOU think YOU are inca­­­­­­­­­­­­­pable, yes YOU are again right…”

Never dare to say,“…whatever YOU say regarding the capability of brain is true and I have no work to do…” because as many the human tastes are so many are the fields to excel.


We are blessed with 24hrs a day i.e.  1440min or 86400sec. But some do regularly fail in managing the time. Its nature of this biological body to take a nap to recharge itself. Here is the differentiating factor. Many being even intellectual enough fail to be comparatively industrious enough i.e., time factor. Here is an example solution. Make a calendar which suits/ answers your day2day tasks. Let YOUR calendar mean 3hrs a day

Feel 3hrs as a day

2days a week

6days a month

15days an year

By this fashion of splitting, one will more concentrate about his progress towards his destiny (goal/dream). Taking breaks, holidays are as usual.

There’s no relation between the job & the study base knowledge

When I’m at class V, I thought to become collector; its in fact the wish of my parents, the reason is the official privileges we get and the social status. With time, it got digested, in my own version, as the chance to make something for people. Next I thought to become lawyer to take sumoto cases. Next I thought to become police, scientist and later as a social volunteer. All this is the development. As I grew older, more the ideas I got, the more I explored, more I changed my vision. There’s a saying, “no one can go back but everyone can start a new beginning”. As the perception changes/develops, we can’t carry the excuse all the time with us saying they are opting to the best. One has to explore all the options available in his relevant field, considering all the diverting curves and finally has to fix at a point, hoping life and dead at the same, accordingly. If needed he should take the help from the experts, parents and friends. One should not choose an option as his friend or relative choose the same. He should able to rightly choose the blend of these attributes: future of it, income, working mode, amount of stress, chance to grow up.

Many claim that education is not the only way for the prosperous fulfilment of life. Yes. Sachin, Gandhi, Hitler, Newton, Leonardo da vinci, Kamal hasan are some of thousands of successful people to quote. The dedication towards their dream makes them the great people. In real sense what the greatness means!!! Will there be great people or great thoughts. I think there are only great people and their works are usually considered as great works why because the moment they became visionary, they became great people. And later when they come into limelight, we consider their works as great works. So excel in YOUR own way. Be visionary. As YOU well know those are successful who made their failures as stepping stones to success. Failure teaches many things. The Dos, the don’ts. Failure gives perfection, experience to us. Failure is teacher (in fact a facilitator to make us learn). Success is not permanent. Failure is not permanent. Yes. If YOU can’t dare to fail, YOU can’t learn anything new. Churchill says, “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm”. Ford says, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”. Be bold; accept YOUR failure is not final. Take other chance till YOU get perfection. Many famous singers, players did the same. In fact life is a game; recreate YOURSELF in a better way each time.

Suicide is permanent solution to temporary problem. Be the master; be responsible for YOUR fate. If YOU have enough guts to suicide, living life by making trails is not a big task. Ask those who went close to suicide if YOU have a doubt. The thought itself is silly. One should be smart enough to choose between choice and chance. So stand up, be bold, and express divinity within YOU.

Nothing is important than life

Remember that if you try to end your pain by ending your life, you will start a world of pain for the loved ones that you leave behind and you will deprive yourself of many wonderful things that you have yet to experience. Imagine YOU are crossing a garden. Its a flower garden. Full with colours and fragrances all around. Naturally YOU will be struck at one flower or other either because of its fragrance or vibrant colour. YOU may stand hours at its foot in praising. YOU may notice bees will also love them. Unfortunately it hurts the flower a lot, its unintentional. YOU can’t keep YOUR hand blowing air to avoid them onto the flower. If YOU seek the help of an umbrella, it makes plant (flower) die, as it is unprivileged from sunlight. If YOU seek the help from insect repellent or a pesticide, it will do more harm to flower than to fly. If YOU pick it, it starts decaying as it can’t get the essential nutrients for its beauty on its own. So you have to just keep watching it. In the later half of day, YOU will notice its colour and fragrance starts decaying as its life time is expired. YOU can’t make it alive.

It may happen that YOU may not be privileged to have a look on other flower which may might be a bit more beautiful or with more fragrance than the earlier.

Be prepared to face anything or everything. I can’t dare to pay charge to miss any fun in the life. Its the beautiful and wonderful combination of even and odd. Salt and pepper. YOU may wonder to know how close YOU went to success when YOU gave-up.

Listen what YOUR heart says, fullify its desire. Don’t just merely run after desire of success, its bye-product if excellence is within YOU, YOUR dedication at work. Passion leads to excellence. If YOUR hobby becomes YOUR profession then, its simple and clear, no one can stop YOU. Teach YOURSELF what YOU find interest at. In fact everything is thought as real time work experience as YOU move on with YOUR work. Practical knowledge is more worthful than theoretical. Choose your career not on the basis of what you know but who you are. The only thing YOU are blessed with is brain. It is formulated on basis “use it or loose it”.

U may download the same at https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B5ERt6GZyOh2ZDYxNDY4ZjMtZGY3Ni00OWI2LWE1MTktZmIzMGExMjEwZTRi&hl=en_US

I have done some literary work promoting students to have tons of ideas rather having tons of information, helping them to find indomitable spirit in them. Am submitting the same for your comments and ideas to be included

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