Automatic A.C

no need of current

Automatic A.C.

Air blows here n there, temp high => air moves more vibrantly, many in-elastic collisions all around room happens. Our ac will be @ almost 1.5feet below roof where hot air mostly stays. The collision with our box will be elastic.

So happens with our A.C., the heat absorbed from high energetic atoms will be converted into electrical energy from its internal purposes n 2 make fan rotate/playing pleasant music/glowing dim lights/…..

ð  More air blown through tiny holes makes pleasing cool air flow.

ð  Making tiny water molecules evaporate 2 increase humidity in air.(osmosis)

ð   Heat is captured by co2, our reactions captures carbon in healthy way

ð  If o2 is released from co2 in a healthy => brain works cool(4 boosting mood v use pleasing perfume)

ð  No need 2 lift water manually, happens through absorbing by pores of pipe.(cohesive attraction)

ð    Can use chemical water to boost our process. (adding 2-3drops into I/p water)

ð  Can use solar umbrella 4 its energy purposes.

ð  Uses transformer, helps in rotating its own fan 2 rotate now or then.

Using nitrogen, oxygen, carbon in air through healthy (cyclic) process (4 exo).

More the temp rises, more the collisions, more cooling effect ( cool regulator 2 b planned)

Exo more stable than endo

Nitric oxide, hydrogen iodide , acetylene , carbon di sulphide , ozone


2 thoughts on “Automatic A.C

  1. Shakti Tomar

    great Vamshi its a nice effort of ur Brain ,U r no way less than Ranchod Das Shyamal Das Chanchad..One thing I wanna know is”These Ideas comes in ur mind spontaneously or u get inspiration frm the books or frm frnd circle?”

    Is ‘ producing Electricity from the hot air’ seems useful I mean will the power be sufficient enough to run any appliance, moreover arrangements to b done will b far expensive than 5-10Rs battery’Eveready’


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