live life to the fullest

Vision. A mission for it. Goals. Dreams. Aims. Aspirations.

Life goes on as it never ends. Eyes of stone observe the trends…

Ashok is a 28yr I.T. professional earning 12-lakh a month. 5 week days. 2 week ends. Recently bought a BMW S-class. He works comparatively more, in order to settle well soon as money makes most of things. Regularly updates his domain knowledge, don’t like to loose any opportunity; to meet the same he attends online class and looks for clarifications in e-books by subscribing to an executive account. Selected a partner in praise of actress Sri devi. Usually at weekends, he finds himself busy in spending time so as every minute counts.

Wakes by 5am. Lazily gets tidy up by 7. Taking breakfast gets into train by 8. Gets into office by 9:45. Cools himself. Gets into work by 9:55. But literally he is in work by 6am, thinking how is his project progress, how he has to coordinate with colleagues and officials. That how to improve the enhancement of the things. How to impress officials later applauds from vast public, further most thing is meeting deadlines, (hurry to finish a week ahead for bonus). So goes his tension of 6am to work of 10am. Shutting down his computer by 5 (5:30 frankly speaking). Returns back by 8pm, sticks his bed with headache (cause/result of the day). Here comes no question of Scotch…it happens with everyone. Slowly calculating his progress towards custom prosperity gets into Trans sleep by 10pm.

On weekends, wakes as early as 1pm, takes brunch (health cautious) by3pm. Gets into his virtual classroom by 5pm, returns back by 8pm justifying his participation in all discussions, assessment tests. Then finds time to have fun with his soul mate. Slowly on to bed by 3pm.

Again week starts.

That’s all folks

Coming back, his working hours are from 10am to 1pm, 2pm to 5pm. You may also justify… he is making himself ready (getting into job) by 6am. Returning back by 8pm he refreshes, feeling exhausted in all senses is no more before 8pm itself, so, wont finds any time to share with his life partner. Seems all the time when he breaths, his job keeps hammering (him).

Can you frame a schedule to take a nap, to design a breath for him? Can YOU justify how much he is living, the real sense of livelihood. Not even a day is holiday (logically). With no job guaranty, has to constantly prove himself on regular basis. Men are meant to be accurate. Then where came/comes necessity to invent these machines and all.

Money may make most of things, but assured, it can’t do everything. In mean while poor Ashok became father. Now this child joined voice to claim they need human touch rather than silver spoons. You understood he gonna play a new role of care taker of his successor.

—————-live life to the fullest yar……don’t be just mad…..running after——————-

Stop think a while. Think wise. Its saying education changes animal to men, here, poor, men are changing into animals (machines) on education.

Is life too short to enjoy!!!


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