love, the divine feeling

Girish went to botanical garden, last week. Its so amazing, he went mad with its beauty. He fell in love with a lovely yellow rose flower. Seems it came all the way from heaven.

[[ “The greatest science in the world; in heaven and on earth; is love.”  Mother Teresa. No matter what, no matter where, it’s always home, if love is there.

Love.  A serious character in ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE.  So, it’s a must. Even may be a symbol of maturity!!??

“Love isn’t just for the smart of talented, but for all the animals God created.” Sarah Wonders

A small change in current trend is having 1more (all the time!) friend to hang out. Yes, it often happens.  Like Raghu plays different roles as father, brother, husband, friend, a foe.  Every other wanna have a gal frnd @ school, @ college, @ university; ((in fact it’s a matter of prestige and)) option to hangover. ]]

Hours went, it is such a beautiful but he can’t hide his temptation, –> but the moment he picks it out, it loses its life. –>He can’t place it under an umbrella as sunlight is life source of plant.  –>He can’t spray pesticides to throw away pests as it makes flower to lose it nature, eventually dies.–>He can’t increase its life any of his actions(like artificial sunlight, urea,…)–> He should understand that he should keep moving to wonder at other flower’s beauty. –>Some are more beautiful, some are with more fragrance. –>One should understand and act accordingly than merely sticking on to a single decision. “The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.” Mother Teresa. Actual sweetness lies in accepting one other’s interest. No two people will be same in nature, I feel happy as everyone has (got) a unique identity.

This is not like our university examinations; here you should apply practical knowledge which life teaches along you live. “True love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly” Jason Jordan.

We fell in love look at their behaviour at some or other situation. We don’t bother what made him to act like so in that condition, what are the game deciding factors,à what are the options for him, whose influence is playing him that time… we don’t take any of these considerations but just we fall in love (please don’t get anger on me, let smile play on my lips as I think of love at first sight.). Be intelligent enough. Be smart. Think a while (twice) before you (act)propose.

No urgency to make everything right now. Living life to the fullest doesn’t mean making things happen artificially right now. Respect everyone.  {Right now I can’t state  any more as I too don’t know where came the necessity of inventing a word love when there is already a word like friendship please list some two points for the heaven’s sake, difference between them 1) what can 2) what we can’t in both of the cases. We are making life complicated by inventing the new terminologies.}

As days pass on we may find he is not perfect for her, as she has had a look only on his certain defined faces. Loves lies in respecting one other’s feelings/interests feeling pleasure (not just literally). It’s the care take of other’s well being, their happiness.


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