I wonder (May I question HOW)

Doubt1 –)) Current passes thorough metals … … …

Bounds are formed between atoms to get stabilized … let it may be either ionic or covalent or any other, to get inert (noble) stability, its naturally occurring. Coming back electrons passes through metals like a river flow. The source end atom takes an electron, passes to second there to third and then to fourth; finally to destiny … here in this metal, atoms are in bond because there is lack of electrons …

yar here already infinite number of electrons are passing though it right, y can’t any of these atom takes any electron to get stabilized … if suppose there are some (minute number of) atoms taking those atoms, then day by day, resistance of wire should increase right!!! pls let me know

D2–)) Role of catalysts is great, superb. Without their help many of our requirements are unfulfilled. It acts like a mediator where chemicals can’t react by they themselves. (Amount of catalyst before and after reaction will be unaltered).

Any compound reacts to get noble stabilization. Depending on their oxidizing n reducing powers to attain stability. In real sense, depending upon their dominating power, most oxidizing n most reducing will react fastly comparatively as there is greater need for them.

When A & B has to react, the catalyst C goes and reacts with A (or B), C-A bond is formed, then this reacts with B., finally A-B bond is formed, C position is unaltered. … … … C has much ability to react with A than B., means C is reactive, has more reactive power (more need for bond!!!).   If so, then A-C bond should be ultimate climax of the drama!!! Why C came back!!! Pls let me know

D3–)) Sight happens when an image falls on retina from object.

With Different angles of observation, placing mirror constant, we can see different images. Many people can different images as their different sight of observations.

What happens at that very particular point where hundreds of our friends see for different images, light should be redirected into our friends of retina, hundreds if not millions of different can be seen on same point with different angles of observation. Logically or physically what happens at that very particular point. Pls let me know

D4–)) an exclamation :: Light comes with speed of 3lakh kilometers and hits chlorophyll of leafs… … how smart it catches such photon energy., with out damage in its internal structure!!!

[{(One remains as fool so far he keeps question within)}]


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