festival of lights/pollution

my friend…,

how many plantations U’ve organized

how much of pollution is caused by our automobile usage

deepavali is the alignment of lights in a row, its victory of good over bad, over demons

demon is the one who enjoys on destroying something

we are not demons to enjoy on destroying the mother earth cleanliness or by polluting it.

dear policy makers, if selling of liquor on Gandhi jayanthi is sin then polluting the mother earth on festival is also sin.

as newton says there will be equal and opposite response, so comes our tensions and headaches.

wait. stop. hold

what are U running after, greed has no limits, coins comes not under count, prosperity lies in living with minimum needs, without knowing the meaning of satisfaction U can never satisfy URself.

where do U find time to enjoy what U’ve earned or what U already had…,

waking up early in the morning, making URself tensed after the progress of the project, stepping into office on time, bla bla bla and then doing over time to move project with time, making URself updated, reaching home late in the night and dreaming with synchronization of life.,

……………..to get rid of over ridden tensions and in the name of enjoyment by tobacco & alcohol which gives nervous excitement which V term as professional life…as a result it becomes friend. A friend in need is a friend in need, so close the tobacco-alcohol is so happens memory loss and addiction.



so my dear heros and heroins here caution is dont pollute the mother earth, dont get polluted internally and externally by pollution

deepavali is festival of lights and

crackers causes uneasiness to innocent animals-old men- children- and diseased people, think from their side before going MAD, dear wise man

jgd. sgd

deepavali greetings and my best wishes to U


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