A Good Confusion & A Real Contribution

The world is changing . . 

Free sample products, Free test rides, Complimentary gifts and Sponsorships, The market strategy is changing. Human is no more a generalized term.

Professional relations, Community relations, Personal relations & Tailored relations. Lack of commitment & adjustment. We know terrestrial & celestial bodies but we don’t know who we are.

Business men started playing with human psychology, Doctors with the health, Engineers with the ecosystem and Scientists are inventing threats to mother earth existence. On top of all Politicians working to multiply gap between haves and have-nots.

Confusion, Greed, helplessness, revenge, and hope. You are thinking about everything. For the one we cannot change, we should learn to accept it. You are educated, You’ve awareness, you are wise enough to take decisions and if chance is given to you, you are ready to change the world. Now consider my suggestion.

You want to see everyone happy, you fight for justice and you work for equality. You share what you’ve and you care for the unprivileged. You are good. Appreciable.  You work restlessly and you just bother about your contribution for human well being. But how can you stretch beyond your service limitations.

If you think, you can make everyone happy. Not just by donating money but by sharing love. Love yourself and love everyone equally. There is no guarantee that the man who you made rich makes one more rich but if you make one feel happy, if you make him starting thinking good about himself, if you teach him what is more important in life and why, then for sure he will make at least one more person happy.

Start seeding good thoughts in everyone, teach everyone to live a positive life and to accept the life as it is. You can do wonders but you need to self check how good you are and how ready you are to become best.


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