Self Control & Realization

Imagine you don’t know how to drive a car! You got to drive it yourself to reach the destiny. Now you need to either follow its manual or get guidance  from an experienced. It’s wise to go with second option because practical knowledge is better than theoretical. In the first attempt you should restrain  yourself by not using all the controls. You teach yourself that car has to be in your control and you should not be in its control. Now the journey began.

You feel very happy, you feel proud. You take the challenge to overtake other vehicles and all of a sudden car stopped. You don’t know what to do. With no knowledge you tried to find out what went wrong and you failed. Helplessly you started looking at the other vehicles as they are moving which much ease. You started thinking that there is no reason to fear as you see vehicles moving all the time around you. No No No your belief started complaining that the drivers are driving vehicles to the destiny no one is static like us. You started blaming yourself for riding the car beyond its limitation and know you don’t know what to do.

An experienced rider offered help, repaired your car in three simple steps and with a smile he started moving on his vehicle. You understood his value and promised yourself  to obey his recommendations. You started your car, its running much smooth now but sadly fuel levels are low. Now you are riding car in fuel saving mode. determined you are. Thanks for the theoretical knowledge gained from manuals, you started using the reserve fuel with confidence. Here it is! you loaded full tank fuel with the money left and added efficient engine oil. It has literally powered you.

All the way is looking beauty but on moving close, you realized the green grass patches and the yellow flowers are the grown much on the diversion road. Anyway it won’t help you to reach your destiny. you want to leave a trail by choosing that path but you are not sure. It’s not time to take much risks on the unknown paths. Now you started searching for the beauty on either side of your road. Amusement filled with in the little creatures. Nature started responding to the sky’s call. pleasant smell from the earth, everybody has built their own shelters. No!  they are hiding themselves according to their physique. Water bubbles laid a carpet on an assignment. a random relevant thought said you are polluting the eco-system by the car. you changed the gear, you should reach the destiny in time. No experimenting by altering the control modes, not to ride it beyond your limit and not to drive beyond the car limits. In fact a big no to theoretical knowledge. You calculation said you can reach in time.

Like air blow into flute thoughts are moving rapidly in and like music coming out from each hole they are blown out, these are the good old sweet memories of you. thanks for the memories and to all who added them into your  life. Following the instructors guidance till now you are in the right path and now you are taking a rural elevated express highway. Driving on it? Changed the gear, but car is denying your orders yet to reach destiny soon, you need to push it hard. The last lap is even tough but if you give up, you will be taken back with 10 times speed you climbed up. You’ve no confidence in the car’s support yet you kept faith on the instructor’s words and followed them as the only choice  and your belief is the winner. With double the surprise thanking the experienced  teacher you are moving. After few miles it’s all the down way it would be thrilling to ride little fast in the down way but its danger. Having control on thoughts and actions you are moving and the destiny you are aiming is quite visible. Its welcoming, its waiting for you. you feel relaxed, you feel flying and in few minutes you reached your destiny.


memorize the journey by reframing

  •   car into your body which has limitations like Arishadvargas. To reach your journey you should not cross the limitations.
  •   fuel as the food to it and repair as the diseases.
  •   the experienced instructor is guru, the spiritual master
  •    the manual is the Vedic knowledge
  •   ups & downs are happiness & sorrow, success & defeat, good & bad
  •   distractions in the diversions are the misleading attractions of life
  •   driver is the heart & brain

Always keep faith in guru. HE knows what you want. HE knows what to do when & how. HE is always around you, teaching in different ways, different forms all the time.


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