Processing the peace

We never experienced happiness as an outcome of peace! We just process the information and hardly we try to experience that happiness in the name of relaxation! We tend to tie our own happiness on someone; we invest our happiness in something and try to taste it. We are losing the authority on our own happiness! We convinced our self and concluded that the happiness is dependent on multiple things! Being mature may be this state of investing our happiness on all the things we come across. How blessed immature are, they experience same happiness with diamonds and sand equally! Our expectations are big and estimations are realistic and inappropriate! We trained ourselves to not to accept anything as it is! We tend to see beauty in altered & modified! We always wished to rank ourselves high on this fools’ scale!

We don’t thank our elders & god for everything we have but expect everyone to praise our royalty. We don’t thank our brain for its memory & decision making capacity in our day-to-day chores, but wanna assess it in 30min exam! We don’t count what we have but will see to accumulate the meaningless. Most of the worthy things are priceless, but we don’t accept unless it carries price tag!

Sharing is caring when you receive but will see the tax exemption policies to donate! Accepting the defeat brings the victory, changing the game rules changes you! We are more driven more by need & less by passion!  We know the theory of self respect but never bothered about self love! Happiness comes from the small things for which we are not accountable! You feel uneasy when you lose happiness because you are used to it, because you are the happiness, you don’t want to lose yourself for something! Happiness can be experienced within the self by practicing/spreading of peace & love to all, unconditionally!


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