Chasing the fate game!

Life is not just about what you make out of it, its also about experiencing the unexpected problems and pleasures. The creation is not ours, result always wont be ours! We got this super machine, its upto us to install the software and because your software is faulty you can’t judge the capacity of the hardware. We are limited by our thoughts and we limit the purpose of our life. You can command the universe and its existence but you need to realize more about the self to get such ability. We convince our wishes or we get convinced by our senses. We fail to control ourselves, we frame multiple excuses. We look deep into the problem and think less about its solution. You need to open our eyes to see the light. We are bigger than our problems.

Know the game rules before you start to play. Recognize your goal post to win the game. Truths can be experienced when you are alone and when you are silent. Happiness is within and it can only be experienced when you stop searching for it. We put all our efforts to get the temporary results and by law the moment you stop working for it, all gets exhausted! Everything changes, we need to improve our understanding levels. Live the moment for satisfaction. Your own past is the best teacher, understand there is nothing in everything.


One thought on “Chasing the fate game!

  1. namita

    Understanding Destiny is simple…i think there is always a pattern which God follows with our life…and it depends upon how good are we in understanding those patterns .


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