The need to understand why

My age is running towards 10,000 days, I’m sure I had asked myself the question why 10,000 times at least. I care to ask why. I’m curious to ask why. I’m humorous to ask why! I understood the reason to ask why but I didn’t understand the purpose to ask why. I understood how to ask why but I didn’t knew on what to question myself on why. The more you ask on why, more successful person you become, the more you think on why, you would get more comfortable with yourself.

Why as in what, why as in where, why as in who, why as in why and why as in how. I carry why with me. I enjoy by asking why. I cultivate with why, I grow with why but I failed to understand why I get comfortable with primary answers, if I had been just been with why, I would have found myself. Why, by connecting the unrelated things gave me awards, but I failed to ask why I’m dependent on such. I’m convinced with reply on why but I should be more philosophical to ask why.

I put why on everything, I put why every time. I see the things through why, I look around to learn why and to ask why. I see no end to why as I grow with. I use why to solve the problem, I should have used it to cure my problem. I should have used it to develop the self than to design the perfumes.


One thought on “The need to understand why

  1. namita

    Why is a very difficult question and I have realized people all their life run away from this question …and live their live superficially


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