An amazed and amused dog

A pet dog is much loyal to his master. All he knows is just to love him. He is always amazed by his care n concern. Over the period of time it realized that it gets punished often and finally ran out of his master.

From the first day of its freedom it is amused by the wonders of the world. It often runs after what it wants. He set his own rules and decided to enjoy its life to the fullest. It barks at everyone and gets hold of every eatable and every toy. It doesn’t know how useful a thing is until it gets command on it. It just leaves everything behind if it doesn’t find it interesting.

People around are much tired of its over activities and even the dog got frustrated. Now it has no purpose of catching the things from the people’s hands but just does to prove its power once again to the people around.

Now it is much confused, it can’t experience happiness anymore.  It got mad and started to bite people whoever seems happy. Since nothing is interesting it want nothing to happen around it. Not even a fly moving its own wings, not even air to flow in any direction.

People started throwing stones on it and eventually it ensures enough punishment given to them. People reciprocated and teach the lessons in a way that it deserves. It became sick, aged and doesn’t love its own life.

It is the lucky day, its master is passing through the same street. He felt sorry and given proper medication and attention.   But the unfaithful dog couldn’t take enough breaths, felt guilty, wanna punish punish himself but much before that time has come, the dog left the world and owner became speechless.

Anantha! I’m amazed by your affection, amused by the worldly things, dont  leave my hand I don’t deserve freedom that spoils me. Punish me for my benefit and make my life in your hands.


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