A Good Confusion & A Real Contribution

The world is changing . . 

Free sample products, Free test rides, Complimentary gifts and Sponsorships, The market strategy is changing. Human is no more a generalized term.

Professional relations, Community relations, Personal relations & Tailored relations. Lack of commitment & adjustment. We know terrestrial & celestial bodies but we don’t know who we are.

Business men started playing with human psychology, Doctors with the health, Engineers with the ecosystem and Scientists are inventing threats to mother earth existence. On top of all Politicians working to multiply gap between haves and have-nots.

Confusion, Greed, helplessness, revenge, and hope. You are thinking about everything. For the one we cannot change, we should learn to accept it. You are educated, You’ve awareness, you are wise enough to take decisions and if chance is given to you, you are ready to change the world. Now consider my suggestion.

You want to see everyone happy, you fight for justice and you work for equality. You share what you’ve and you care for the unprivileged. You are good. Appreciable.  You work restlessly and you just bother about your contribution for human well being. But how can you stretch beyond your service limitations.

If you think, you can make everyone happy. Not just by donating money but by sharing love. Love yourself and love everyone equally. There is no guarantee that the man who you made rich makes one more rich but if you make one feel happy, if you make him starting thinking good about himself, if you teach him what is more important in life and why, then for sure he will make at least one more person happy.

Start seeding good thoughts in everyone, teach everyone to live a positive life and to accept the life as it is. You can do wonders but you need to self check how good you are and how ready you are to become best.


Need of God and Guru

I see opportunity in every problem and that is how I grow up. My understanding levels are based upon the knowledge that I taught myself by series of observations and each time I look back, looking at each difficulty that I’ve faced I start loving myself. Sometimes I cry, Sometimes I self-criticism and at times I feel hard to give it up. Now I understand the value of knowledge that is being passed from the generations. Yeah that is the constructive growth. People help each other to make their short life’s sweeter. Perfection brings beauty to many things and only by practice one can be an expert in any domain. Yet there are professionals who are self-made and experts by birth like the birds which sing and dance at dawn and dusk.  They are gifted souls.

I raise and fall and each time I fall I make my mind to become even stronger but there are things which I can’t control. I just need to accept them as truth and I should keep going. This understanding brought much change in my life. Yet I get punished for the things for which I hold no responsibility. Without my will or concern few things just get out of my control and I pay for that. At those times I look eagerly for the warmth, I look around for my mother. I understand how courageous my father was and how foolish I’m. This time I was at crossroads. This doesn’t look like the hurdles that I’ve faced from my childhood. I understand that nothing will work now and I just started understanding that nothing can bring peace. No matter the money I earn, no matter the fame I  earn. Last time when I felt happy and looked back I’ve accepted that life is mixed up with good and bad and no one can filter. Everyone has to face and experience both. But this time, it’s getting hard for me to digest the same truth. I need guidance. I understand that my understanding on the life theory is wrong and just a useless nonsense. Now I’m looking out for more help. Looking out for HIM who can understand me better.

I started searching out for HIM who knows what I want and who knows what I deserve to own. I badly want those extended hands and I just want to lose myself in HIS love. I need one who loves me beyond who I’m and someone who don’t even bother what my past was. I want that love which does not expect anything from me. I want HIS love. I want HIM to stay back with me. I want HIS complete time, attention & care. I’m ready to do what ever if I find such person and I wonder if I could ever succeed in this search. I now look back into my good old days. My college days, my school days my childhood friends and my childhood life which I spent without knowing the value of it. When I was child I was eager to grow big and now I feel bad for that. I want to go back to those golden days. The days when I don’t know the difference between gold and sand. Those days are pretty much simple. I was happy without having anything and now I’ve everything yet I’m not comparatively happy. There should be some science in it.

Is there any universal law for making ourselves happy. Self evaluation says that happiness is not in the things but at times I bring my happiness out and sometimes I bring my unhappiness out. Yes happiness is just in my understanding. Because the same thing wont make me happy all the time and the same thing can’t make me sad all the time either. It differs with time, with the situation, with the need, with the commitments and with the understanding. So I just need to understand how to take in, how to react to each situation.

It’s hard for me to pretend to be happy regardless of the result. But again I want to be happy. I looked around. people all around. some are happy, some or not. I looked little far there are friends of our Eco-system. They seems to be happy most of the times. Because they don’t analyze any situation and keep criticizing for the past. Interestingly they are taught by no one. They are happy with themselves. Yes life is short relationship yet happiness brings beauty and meaning.

Yes. Now I regained my health. But I’m not sure how soon I gonna lose this energy. I need a bank to invest this happiness so that I’ll get double returns when I want. No matter what I want this energy to stay with me. Let me see the wise option. Logically the basis for this energy is the understanding. So I don’t want the arguments to spoil this positive energy that I’ve gained by self-evaluation.

There is one solution. The solution which is accepted world-wide. The name to that understanding and belief is GOD. But all of a sudden how to understand this. God can’t talk with me or guide me directly. How to experience HIM. I get little understanding that if happiness is with in, and god can protect that then HE must be the source of happiness. Yeah HE showers HIS love and mercy on all of us unconditionally and uninterruptedly. The problem is just with the little understanding I’ve, I try to check everything. Now I give up this behavior at HIS holy feet.

In every field there would be experts to help us. There are teachers around us whom we consider as the embodiment of that skill itself. We call them walking libraries and living examples. If I’m correct, If being happy is the goal and the reason behind every wish then there must be someone who have practiced to be happy and someone may have attained that high level. Someone who is happy regardless of everything and who can teach and gives us happiness regardless of everything. They should give it for free because they are already happy and no one can alter their happiness by actions. So, They are ready to share happiness with us if we want. We just need to go to HIM and ask for happiness. We just need to follow the path HE suggests for us. We should raise no questions. we should have belief and patience. For minute happiness we take a lot of strain so I can understand how much defined we should be to get that.

I want HIM, so HE came into my life. Now I placed my life at the holy feet of my Sadguru and its up to HIM. I’m in happy  relation with HIM. HE can do whatever but I can never leave HIM. HE is my protector. HE is my guide. HE is everything for me and one day I’m sure I’ll lose myself in HIM and there would be nothing visible other than happiness all around.


festival of lights/pollution

my friend…,

how many plantations U’ve organized

how much of pollution is caused by our automobile usage

deepavali is the alignment of lights in a row, its victory of good over bad, over demons

demon is the one who enjoys on destroying something

we are not demons to enjoy on destroying the mother earth cleanliness or by polluting it.

dear policy makers, if selling of liquor on Gandhi jayanthi is sin then polluting the mother earth on festival is also sin.

as newton says there will be equal and opposite response, so comes our tensions and headaches.

wait. stop. hold

what are U running after, greed has no limits, coins comes not under count, prosperity lies in living with minimum needs, without knowing the meaning of satisfaction U can never satisfy URself.

where do U find time to enjoy what U’ve earned or what U already had…,

waking up early in the morning, making URself tensed after the progress of the project, stepping into office on time, bla bla bla and then doing over time to move project with time, making URself updated, reaching home late in the night and dreaming with synchronization of life.,

……………..to get rid of over ridden tensions and in the name of enjoyment by tobacco & alcohol which gives nervous excitement which V term as professional life…as a result it becomes friend. A friend in need is a friend in need, so close the tobacco-alcohol is so happens memory loss and addiction.



so my dear heros and heroins here caution is dont pollute the mother earth, dont get polluted internally and externally by pollution

deepavali is festival of lights and

crackers causes uneasiness to innocent animals-old men- children- and diseased people, think from their side before going MAD, dear wise man

jgd. sgd

deepavali greetings and my best wishes to U

essence of diwali, eco friendly

Diwali (deepavali), festival of lights is alignment of lights in a queue

It’s a 5-day festival celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Janis, some Buddhists; it is official holiday in India, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Mauritius, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Fiji, and Suriname.

For Hindus it’s the day when Narakasur was killed by Lord Sri Krishna (Satyabhama), Bali chakravarthi is earthed by Lord vaman, Lord SriRama came back to ayodhya.Krishna lifted Govardhana giri, wins over Indra. Indians perform Lakshmi puja and begins new financial year.

For Sikhs, Diwali is particularly important because it celebrates the release from prison of the sixth guru, Guru Hargobind Ji; Martyrdom of the elderly Sikh scholar and strategist Bhai Mani Singh who transcribed the final version of Guru Granth Sahib; formation of Khalsa, established by the Tenth Guru Guru Gobind Singh

In Jainism, Diwali marks the attainment of moksha by Mahavira in 527 BC

The most significant spiritual meaning is “the awareness of the inner light” (Atma/Soul)

The 5day festival is like 1st day cow n calf r worshiped 2nd day is Jayanti of God Dhanvantri 3rd day is Lakshmi Puja 4th day is Bali Pratipada and Govardhan Puja 5th day is Bhaiduj (also Bhayyaduj, Bhaubeej or Bhayitika) on this day, brothers and sisters meet to express love and affection for each other.


These affect people in different ways as follows;

•           Copper: Causes irritation in the respiratory tract, which leads to respiratory ailments.

•           Cadmium: Reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of blood, leading to anaemia. It also causes kidney damage.

•           Lead: Lead in the body has a harmful effect on the nervous system.

•           Magnesium: Magnesium fumes cause a condition known as metal fume fever. This is a fever accompanied by a metallic taste in the mouth.

•           Zinc: Also causes metal fume fever. In addition, it also induces vomiting.

•           Sodium: Sodium is a highly reactive element. It combines with moisture in the air and on the skin, causing burns.

These toxic substances are not just harmful to human beings, but to all living creatures. They tend to remain in the atmosphere for extended periods. So their harmful effects are experienced long after Diwali celebrations are ended. (Though little favor might be done in name of killing micro organisms and insects in beginning of winter…here human existence itself is a question mark then where necessity of killing micro organisms comes)


It’s the festival of lights, not of crackers. Using of oil lamps is traditional, it puts off after a span of time but using electrical lights increases load enormously and it will keep glowing until we remember to switch off.

Instead of wasting money merely on crackers, which is very unpleasant to old, children, heart and asthma patents, we can invest them in buying books or clothes to poor children. Donating the same amount costs about their weekly food expenditure.

Try to spare a moment at old age homes, orphanages.

Don’t use crackers more than 125 decibel and stop celebrations before 12pm which otherwise may cost other mans’ next day. Prefer light works than crackers.

This money wastage can be reduced in other ways like celebrating this as a group at a community hall increases sprit of brotherhoodness which is real essence of Hindu festivals which in turn reduces no of crackers lit

VenkataDatta cares about you. Gurudeva datta

Hindu mythology says “loka samastha sukino bhavanthu” let all the worlds lives in prosperity

I wonder (May I question HOW)

Doubt1 –)) Current passes thorough metals … … …

Bounds are formed between atoms to get stabilized … let it may be either ionic or covalent or any other, to get inert (noble) stability, its naturally occurring. Coming back electrons passes through metals like a river flow. The source end atom takes an electron, passes to second there to third and then to fourth; finally to destiny … here in this metal, atoms are in bond because there is lack of electrons …

yar here already infinite number of electrons are passing though it right, y can’t any of these atom takes any electron to get stabilized … if suppose there are some (minute number of) atoms taking those atoms, then day by day, resistance of wire should increase right!!! pls let me know

D2–)) Role of catalysts is great, superb. Without their help many of our requirements are unfulfilled. It acts like a mediator where chemicals can’t react by they themselves. (Amount of catalyst before and after reaction will be unaltered).

Any compound reacts to get noble stabilization. Depending on their oxidizing n reducing powers to attain stability. In real sense, depending upon their dominating power, most oxidizing n most reducing will react fastly comparatively as there is greater need for them.

When A & B has to react, the catalyst C goes and reacts with A (or B), C-A bond is formed, then this reacts with B., finally A-B bond is formed, C position is unaltered. … … … C has much ability to react with A than B., means C is reactive, has more reactive power (more need for bond!!!).   If so, then A-C bond should be ultimate climax of the drama!!! Why C came back!!! Pls let me know

D3–)) Sight happens when an image falls on retina from object.

With Different angles of observation, placing mirror constant, we can see different images. Many people can different images as their different sight of observations.

What happens at that very particular point where hundreds of our friends see for different images, light should be redirected into our friends of retina, hundreds if not millions of different can be seen on same point with different angles of observation. Logically or physically what happens at that very particular point. Pls let me know

D4–)) an exclamation :: Light comes with speed of 3lakh kilometers and hits chlorophyll of leafs… … how smart it catches such photon energy., with out damage in its internal structure!!!

[{(One remains as fool so far he keeps question within)}]

love, the divine feeling

Girish went to botanical garden, last week. Its so amazing, he went mad with its beauty. He fell in love with a lovely yellow rose flower. Seems it came all the way from heaven.

[[ “The greatest science in the world; in heaven and on earth; is love.”  Mother Teresa. No matter what, no matter where, it’s always home, if love is there.

Love.  A serious character in ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE.  So, it’s a must. Even may be a symbol of maturity!!??

“Love isn’t just for the smart of talented, but for all the animals God created.” Sarah Wonders

A small change in current trend is having 1more (all the time!) friend to hang out. Yes, it often happens.  Like Raghu plays different roles as father, brother, husband, friend, a foe.  Every other wanna have a gal frnd @ school, @ college, @ university; ((in fact it’s a matter of prestige and)) option to hangover. ]]

Hours went, it is such a beautiful but he can’t hide his temptation, –> but the moment he picks it out, it loses its life. –>He can’t place it under an umbrella as sunlight is life source of plant.  –>He can’t spray pesticides to throw away pests as it makes flower to lose it nature, eventually dies.–>He can’t increase its life any of his actions(like artificial sunlight, urea,…)–> He should understand that he should keep moving to wonder at other flower’s beauty. –>Some are more beautiful, some are with more fragrance. –>One should understand and act accordingly than merely sticking on to a single decision. “The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.” Mother Teresa. Actual sweetness lies in accepting one other’s interest. No two people will be same in nature, I feel happy as everyone has (got) a unique identity.

This is not like our university examinations; here you should apply practical knowledge which life teaches along you live. “True love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly” Jason Jordan.

We fell in love look at their behaviour at some or other situation. We don’t bother what made him to act like so in that condition, what are the game deciding factors,à what are the options for him, whose influence is playing him that time… we don’t take any of these considerations but just we fall in love (please don’t get anger on me, let smile play on my lips as I think of love at first sight.). Be intelligent enough. Be smart. Think a while (twice) before you (act)propose.

No urgency to make everything right now. Living life to the fullest doesn’t mean making things happen artificially right now. Respect everyone.  {Right now I can’t state  any more as I too don’t know where came the necessity of inventing a word love when there is already a word like friendship please list some two points for the heaven’s sake, difference between them 1) what can 2) what we can’t in both of the cases. We are making life complicated by inventing the new terminologies.}

As days pass on we may find he is not perfect for her, as she has had a look only on his certain defined faces. Loves lies in respecting one other’s feelings/interests feeling pleasure (not just literally). It’s the care take of other’s well being, their happiness.

live life to the fullest

Vision. A mission for it. Goals. Dreams. Aims. Aspirations.

Life goes on as it never ends. Eyes of stone observe the trends…

Ashok is a 28yr I.T. professional earning 12-lakh a month. 5 week days. 2 week ends. Recently bought a BMW S-class. He works comparatively more, in order to settle well soon as money makes most of things. Regularly updates his domain knowledge, don’t like to loose any opportunity; to meet the same he attends online class and looks for clarifications in e-books by subscribing to an executive account. Selected a partner in praise of actress Sri devi. Usually at weekends, he finds himself busy in spending time so as every minute counts.

Wakes by 5am. Lazily gets tidy up by 7. Taking breakfast gets into train by 8. Gets into office by 9:45. Cools himself. Gets into work by 9:55. But literally he is in work by 6am, thinking how is his project progress, how he has to coordinate with colleagues and officials. That how to improve the enhancement of the things. How to impress officials later applauds from vast public, further most thing is meeting deadlines, (hurry to finish a week ahead for bonus). So goes his tension of 6am to work of 10am. Shutting down his computer by 5 (5:30 frankly speaking). Returns back by 8pm, sticks his bed with headache (cause/result of the day). Here comes no question of Scotch…it happens with everyone. Slowly calculating his progress towards custom prosperity gets into Trans sleep by 10pm.

On weekends, wakes as early as 1pm, takes brunch (health cautious) by3pm. Gets into his virtual classroom by 5pm, returns back by 8pm justifying his participation in all discussions, assessment tests. Then finds time to have fun with his soul mate. Slowly on to bed by 3pm.

Again week starts.

That’s all folks

Coming back, his working hours are from 10am to 1pm, 2pm to 5pm. You may also justify… he is making himself ready (getting into job) by 6am. Returning back by 8pm he refreshes, feeling exhausted in all senses is no more before 8pm itself, so, wont finds any time to share with his life partner. Seems all the time when he breaths, his job keeps hammering (him).

Can you frame a schedule to take a nap, to design a breath for him? Can YOU justify how much he is living, the real sense of livelihood. Not even a day is holiday (logically). With no job guaranty, has to constantly prove himself on regular basis. Men are meant to be accurate. Then where came/comes necessity to invent these machines and all.

Money may make most of things, but assured, it can’t do everything. In mean while poor Ashok became father. Now this child joined voice to claim they need human touch rather than silver spoons. You understood he gonna play a new role of care taker of his successor.

—————-live life to the fullest yar……don’t be just mad…..running after——————-

Stop think a while. Think wise. Its saying education changes animal to men, here, poor, men are changing into animals (machines) on education.

Is life too short to enjoy!!!